Wednesday, March 21, 2018

FLASHBACK: Faster, Sooner: Why The U.S. Needs 'Gigabit Communities' - Forbes - Guest post written by Julius Genachowski - Making sure the U.S. has super-fast, high-capacity, ubiquitous broadband networks delivering speeds measured in gigabits, not megabits isn’t just a matter of consumer convenience, as important as that is. It’s essential to economic growth, job creation and U.S. competitiveness. - In our 21st century economy, innovation leadership is necessary for economic leadership. Our broadband infrastructure is our central platform for innovation, and faster speeds will spur innovation. -- Chattanooga, Tennessee built out a gigabit fiber network that has helped attract businesses like Amazon and Volkswagen, creating more than 3,700 local jobs. - In Kansas City, the Google Fiber initiative is bringing gigabit service to residential consumers, and startup tech companies have begun flocking to the area, spawning KC’s new nickname — the “Silicon Prairie.” - We see similar stories in communities as diverse as Cleveland and Lafayette, Louisiana.


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