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Inside Rebekah Mason’s Relationships With Robert Bentley, Jonathan Mason - Donald V. Watkins 

Inside Rebekah Mason's Relationships With Robert Bentley, Jonathan Mason
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on March 28, 2017
Last March, Alabamians and the rest of the world heard Governor Robert Bentley gushing on secretly recorded audiotapes about his love for Rebekah Caldwell Mason, about how he likes to grab Rebekah's breasts and fondle her from behind, about the pride he felt parading in front of Rebekah in his boxer shorts, and about the love couple's need to start locking the door to his private office inside the Executive Suite at the Capitol when they are alone in the office.
What the public heard on audiotapes was first reported in September of 2015 on this Facebook page in an exclusive series of investigative articles titled, "Forbidden Love" and "Executive Betrayal".
Bentley's love for Rebekah drove him to: (a) cheat on his former wife Dianne and quickly agree to the divorce she sought before his sworn deposition could be taken in the case, (b) buy disposable "burner" phones to communicate with Rebekah during their hot love affair, (c) share a secret safe deposit box with Rebekah, (d) funnel campaign funds and "dark money" to Rebekah, (e) fly Rebekah on private jets for personal shopping trips and use campaign dollars to pay for it, (f) take Rebekah on exotic getaways to Las Vegas and Washington, DC to celebrate their love, (g) pay Rebekah's attorney's fees in a criminal investigation with his campaign dollars, and (h) order Viagra by writing false prescriptions in Dianne's name and having the erectile dysfunction drug shipped to the Governor's mansion after Dianne moved out in 2014.
One of the problems with the love affair between Rebekah and Robert is the fact that Rebekah is married to Jonathan P. Mason – at least on paper. Jonathan, a former weatherman at a small TV station in Tuscaloosa, accompanied Rebekah to Montgomery after Bentley won his first election as governor in November of 2010. Bentley named Jonathan as the director of Serve Alabama, which is the governor's office for faith-based and community initiatives.
To her credit, Rebekah has always made sure that Jonathan is well compensated for turning a blind eye toward her love affair with Bentley. Jonathan remains on Bentley's payroll today.
After Bentley's sex tapes were made public last March, Jonathan said that he had "long ago resolved the personal issues playing out now for everybody this week". He praised his "amazing wife of nearing 20 years" and proclaimed her a "child of God". Jonathan has never publicly chastised Bentley for fondling his wife or for engaging in a love affair with her.
As the love affair continues between Rebekah Mason and Robert Bentley, we went inside of Rebekah's relationship with the governor and her husband to find the answers to the seven questions I am most frequently asked. They are:
1. Does Robert Bentley truly love Rebekah Mason? Yes. Bentley has sacrificed everything he has, including his family and integrity, for Rebekah. In Bentley's mind, this is the only true love he has ever known. At 74-years old, Bentley's May-December relationship with Rebekah is all he has left.
2. Does Rebekah truly love Robert Bentley? Yes, as long as Bentley is governor of Alabama. However, her love for Bentley is not deep enough for Rebekah to leave her husband and children for the governor. Interestingly, the groundswell of adversity created by their three-year "sex for power" scandal has brought this love couple closer together.
3. Does Jonathan Mason tolerate Rebekah's extramarital affair with Robert Bentley because Governor Bentley pays him a high-dollar salary and the couple needs the money? Yes, in part. It is clear that Rebekah wears the pants in the marriage and that her love affair with Bentley supports their family financially. Jonathan also knows that Rebekah enjoys a physical and emotional degree of love and intimacy with Bentley. Jonathan has made his peace with the love connection between Robert and Rebekah.
4. Do the Masons have an "open" marriage, at least with respect to Rebekah's appetite for Bentley's physical and emotional intimacy? Yes.
5. Does Jonathan engage in an alternative lifestyle outside of his marriage to Rebekah? Despite rumors in Tuscaloosa and Montgomery that Jonathan is "gay", there is no hard evidence that he is. Likewise, there is no credible evidence that Jonathan has engaged in an alternative lifestyle outside of his marriage.
6. Will Robert Bentley resign as governor? The cartoon below by editorialist J.D. Crowe answers this question with one powerful caricature we all can understand.
7. How will the love affair between Rebekah and Robert end? Very badly. The love affair between Rebekah and Robert is morally wrong, for sure. However, as Rebekah and Robert basked in the warm glow of their love for each other, they also committed one of the most notorious crime sprees against taxpayers, campaign donors, and 501(c)(3) "dark money' contributors in Alabama history. Unless state and federal prosecutors show special treatment to Rebekah and Robert and forgive them for ripping off these innocent crime victims, the First Couple of Alabama will go to jail.

Donald V Watkins

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