Wednesday, January 27, 2016

I Highly Highly Recommend My Friend Mary Margaret Johnson. Is There Anything She Can't Do? - Contact Her By Email -- TheMeck

Mary Margaret Johnson

I am currently looking for any part-time positions involving a variety of household chores, fixer-upper projects, yard work, nannying, tutoring or geriatric care. I am a college graduate who will begin studying medicine in July! I'm a bit of a handy-man and can take care of just about any home decor (inside and outside) project you might need help with.

Work Experience:

1. Babysitter/Nanny- I have been babysitting children for 13 years. 
2. Groundskeeper- blowing off driveways, power-washing walkways, planting/pruning
3. Landscaping- planting, laying pine straw and sod
4. Amateur woodworker-  I have built 3 different pieces now (L-shaped desk, baby-changing table, and trunk)
5. Personal care- I have worked as a driver and assistant for the elderly.
6. Painter- I have painted rooms now for several years and am especially good at the finishing touches.
7. Assistant- I have worked as the manager of a small medical clinic abroad, and can help you reorganize any room.
8. Tutor- I have worked as a tutor for math and science classes. Due to my college degree in Biology, I am especially capable of helping students with science based-classes, including Advanced Placement and college courses. 

Varies depending on the job, but no less than $10/hr.

Mary Margaret Johnson
Dothan, Al.

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