Saturday, July 26, 2014

Flashback: Neagle not just pitcher 07/26/98 - AP/The Augusta Chronicle - Denny Neagle and The Meck TV Show


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 Then, it's time "to get fired up, baby" for the guest segments. Neagle has plenty of teammates lining up to be on the show. They seem impressed by its purity in an age of in-your-face highlight and talk shows.

"The show has lots of passion and it's pure and simple and honest," said one of Neagle's friends, actor Jonathan Silverman. "I was most impressed because it takes you beyond what you would normally see in sports shows and that's rare."

Glavine said that's what makes the show special.

"The concept is what makes it appealing," Glavine said. "I can go on plenty of shows and talk about pitching, but this is the first one I can talk about my family. More than half of the show is about off-the-field stuff."

And while Neagle aspires to someday move to the big screen -- he said he envisions teaming with Silverman for a Weekend at Bernie's Part 3 -- he still has some work to do.

"He's a little rough around the edges," Glavine said. "But it's nothing a few hundred off-season acting lessons can't fix."

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