Friday, November 29, 2013

In America, college football stars like Jameis Winston can do no wrong | Diane Roberts - - (Excerpts) Just because an athlete performs miracles on the field doesn't mean he's a saint off of it. The story of Jameis Winston is yet another example of how quickly a town – and frankly an entire nation – want desperately to side with a football star. --- In any case, the young woman, also a student at Florida State (or she was until she left campus earlier this year) is getting trashed all over the place: on sports sites, in newspaper comment sections, in bars where fans hang out. She's being called a "ho", a "liar", a "groupie". FSU is on the cusp of greatness, an undefeated season. What if this chick goes and ruins everything? --- As many point out, he hasn't yet been charged, much less found guilty of anything. But neither has the woman who says she was raped. Winston's getting the love; she's being called a slut. In this culture, playing top-tier football confers a layer of privilege not accorded ordinary guys, especially ordinary young African American guys.


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