Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Paul Finebaum (finebaum) on Twitter - Hear Danny Kanell Get Ripped by Jim from Tuscaloosa - Finebaum Show Oct 22, 2013 on ESPN Radio

  1. Danny Kanell ‏@dannykanell8h
    So how many of Bear Bryant's titles are official? Not that fuzzy math you guys like to use...Bobby has 54 more wins just fyi

  2. Paul Finebaum ‏@finebaum9h
    This just in from on show: ``Bobby Bowden is the best coach in college football history.''

  3. Paul Finebaum ‏@finebaum9h
    Kanell on Alabama's current position of #1,'I think they benefit from a legacy ranking.'

  4. Paul Finebaum ‏@finebaum9h
    . on Nick Saban,' Another 200 wins and he'll be right there w/Bobby Bowden.'

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