Tuesday, May 28, 2013

THE EVOLUTION OF FINEBAUM | SportsonEarth.com : Tommy Tomlinson Article - Tammy must be in mourning. Tammy is the lunatic Auburn fan (and no, that's not redundant) who called into the Paul Finebaum radio show almost every day, gloating over every Tiger victory and defending the team after every loss. She was on the air more than Howard Stern. But it'll never be the same again. Paul Finebaum (or Pawwwwwwl, in caller-speak) is leaving Alabama. - ESPN made it official Thursday that Finebaum's show is moving to the Charlotte* studios of the new SEC Network. His radio show will re-launch in August under the ESPN banner, and a simulcast will air on the SEC Network when it starts up next year.


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