Sunday, March 31, 2013

3/21/2013: Paul Finebaum on Mal Moore's legacy: 'One of the seminal figures' in University of Alabama history | - Bob Carlton - "You hear the line all the time about a place on Mount Rushmore, but I think he would be next to Coach (Paul) Bryant on Alabama's version of Mount Rushmore. - "Nobody has affected the Alabama football program longer than Mal Moore, when you consider when he got there and what he has done since." -- "I think the name that everyone will mention is Ozzie Newsome," he added. "I can tell you just as an observer of Alabama football, I think Ozzie Newsome would be a universally popular choice.

Finebaum with Mal Moore.jpgPaul Finebaum visits with Mal Moore before this year's BCS Championship Game in Miami Gardens, Fla. (Photo courtesy of Paul Finebaum)


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