Tuesday, November 27, 2012

UGA isn’t just playing a team – it’s facing the Alabama aura | Mark Bradley - AJC - Alabama never falls far or stays down long. Alone among collegiate programs, it comes equipped with an aura. - But you know what? The halo fits. When you get as good as Alabama has gotten, you’ve earned the benefit of every doubt — not that there’s much cause for doubting. This is the premier program in the only conference that matters, and it keeps re-staking the claim. -- Any program in search of ultimate validation must get past Saban and his minions. The past five national titles have been taken either by Alabama or by a team that beat a Saban-coached Alabama. Win Saturday and nobody will ever again ask these Bulldogs, “Yeah, but who did you beat?” Win Saturday and Georgia will have bettered Bama, and Bama is the best. ‘Nuff said.


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