Tuesday, February 28, 2012

G.O.P. Greek Tragedy - NYTimes.com - Maureen Dowd - Mitt Romney needs to be left alone to limp across the finish line, so he can devote his full time and attention to losing to President Obama. Robo-Romney, who pulled out victories in his home state and in Arizona, and Sanctorum are still in a race to the bottom. Yet the once ruthless Republican Party seems to have pretty much decided to cave on 2012 and start planning for a post-Obama world. Not even because Obama is so strong; simply because their field is so ridiculously weak and wacky. John McCain has Aeschylated it to “a Greek tragedy.” And he should know from Greek tragedy. “It’s the negative campaigning and the increasingly personal attacks,” he told The Boston Herald, adding, “the likes of which we have never seen.”


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