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Facing Death, CNN Sports Legend Embraces Life -

Like most sports fans, I watched Nick Charles and Fred Hickman on CNN in the 80's and 90's.
They were informative, personal, and a great pairing. They were definitely the best.

I worked the PGA Championship in the 90's and early 2000's for TBS/TNT [with Ernie Johnson Jr. and Bobby Clampett]. 2 wonderful, kind gentlemen.
It was a privelege meeting and working with Fred Hickman at the PGA Champ 2000 at Valhalla / Louisville Ky.
He and Bobby Clampett were doing the CNN/SI Show from the PGA Champ.
Never forget .. The show started about 9p and a player was still practicing, hitting balls in the dark, to a green that was lit [as a backdrop] for the show. It was Tiger .. he won 2 days later.

Fred Hickman was very gracious and 1st class.
Never had the privelege of meeting Nick Charles.
Wayne Drash paints an incredible picture of Nick Charles' life.
A very inspiring and moving article about CNN's 1st Sports anchor and his
courageous battle to live and his eternal love for his 5-year old daughter, Giovanna.
You can even see video clips of Nick leaving touching messages to his daughter for her future birthdays.

Nick Charles must be a wonderful, unselfish man.  A sports legend who found real joy in life and is leaving an inspiring legacy that is impacting many, many lives .. for many years to come. A Score That Will Last Forever. No Doubt.

Facing death, CNN sports legend embraces life -

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