Thursday, March 31, 2011

Chipper Q&A : His Past and Future, On And Off Field --

Here's an exceptional Q&A interview with Chipper by David O'Brien - Braves beat writer.
Chipper Jones is a 1st class guy and thru the years I've always found him to be cordial, accommodating, yet still very focused.

Chipper is a Braves Icon and [No  Doubt] a MLB Hall-Of-Fame switch-hitter .. with reservations for a table for 3 with Mickey Mantle and Pete Rose.

The Legendary Bobby Cox drafted Chipper No. 1 over-all in the summer of 1990.
Chipper begins his 18th season in the majors and his first season without Bobby Cox as his manager.

Number 10 must be in the line-up [most every day] if the Braves have any chance in 2011. Not exactly breaking news.
Part 1 - 3/28/2011
Chipper Q&A: His Past and Future, On and Off Field

Opening Day 2011: The Braves won today 2-0 over the Nationals in D.C. -- Chipper was 2-4.
Heyward Homers, Braves win opener of Fredi G. Era

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