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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ BOBBY COX - Weekly. 7/25/07

The Meck interviews Bobby Cox .. from San Francisco - AT&T Park.
[BC in the stands].

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Bobby Cox: ' If People want to contribute .. We take in all injured animals .. repair them
and try to find homes.'
'We raise the money and try and keep the Medicine and Dog Food flowing.' - BC
The Meck Radio Show w/ Bobby Cox - Weekly. 07/25//07 Posted 3:27p. Show Time: 34 mins.

Meck Notes:
An interview w/ Bobby Cox - Manager of the Atlanta Braves.
A longtime friend and Best Mgr. in the game shares his insights.
Thanks for downloading our weekly show with Bobby Cox.
Bobby Cox: The only man in the history of sports to win 15 consecutive division titles.

" Bobby Cox is the Greatest Manager in the History of Baseball."- Bob Nightengale/USA TODAY.

The Sporting News, in a poll of his peers, has named Bobby Cox - Manager of the Year - 8 times.
Since 1936, when the magazine started balloting .. No other manager has won the award more than 3 times.

In May .. Bobby passed Mgr. Sparky Anderson [ 2,194] to become 4th all-time in wins.
The Hall of Fame will come calling one day - 1st ballot.
Tues. July 24, 2007 [ 2:10pt] ..The Meck gave Skipper Bobby Cox a call. [Braves at Giants - 7:15p. pt]
Bobby's in the stands at AT&T Park.
There was a power outage and it disconnected our interview numerous times.
Thanks to Bobby for his patience and dedication to keep the show rolling - regardless.
And Super Dave in New York for his masterful edits. You are the best.
Seg 1 - My friend, engineer Super Dave shares his thoughts on Bobby Cox.
Plus an update on the greatest vitamin ever .. B-12 [SD and The Rolling Stones].
Russell Lee has joined the B-12 Revolution. Hey to Ross, Christin, and Pat - The Director.
Greetings to my close friend [ listener] John McKay in Weatherford Texas.

AT&T Park opened in 2000. The first privately funded ballpark in MLB since Dodger Stadium - 1962.
San Francisco - Candlestick Park [Sep. 1, 1989]. The coldest place I've ever been in the summer.
That afternoon .. Mackey Sasser [Mets] told Gary Carter and I [MLB Comiss.] Bart Giamanti had just died.
The Meck interviews Bobby Cox.
This is our 5th [ weekly] show with Manager Bobby Cox.

Bobby gives us a unique view and insight - as always.
His thoughts on AT&T Park.

Meck: At your team meeting Monday ..
You reminded the players don't be distracted by the Bonds' HR chase ?
Doesn't it remind you [ media attention] of the McGwire HR chase in '98 ?

Meck: Have you seen our buddy Bob Nightengale ? [USA Today]

Meck: We talked about this one day at Coors Field ..
What are some of your favorite stadiums ?
Bobby: ' Pittsburg - Best skyline view. '
' Wrigley - The day games. And Fenway. I'm attached to those.'

You're just several hrs. north of Salem Calif. where you were raised ..
Have you seen any of your family ?
Meck: Mon Nite .. Was that the first time you thought you might fall asleep managing ?
After the late game Sun nite .. What time did you take-off from ATL and land in San Fran ?

Smoltz is pitching great since the Break ? [ 14 innings - 1 earned run]
Buddy Carlyle .. A pleasant surprise with a 5-2 record ?

Meck: Tim Hudson is keeping the ball down and his record is going up ?
Update on Lance Cormier ?

Willie Harris: 6 for 6 [ Sat nite] .. 4 for 4 with 6 RBI'S in the first 4 innings has to be a rare feat?
Bobby: 'He and Matt Diaz [ in LF] .. One of the best platoons I've ever seen.'

Meck: Chipper leading the league in hitting. And hitting the ball all over the field ?
Key to him being on a roll ?
Bobby: 'The big thing for Chipper is his health.' [ His feet].

Meck: I met Mgr. Bruce Bochy long ago with the Padres.
One of the Nicest guys and Best Mgrs in the game ?

We talked last week about your coaches - clubhouse staff.
John Holland's been with the Braves since 1969.
Visiting Clubhouse Mgr since 1983. [ Met him in the 80's with Gary Carter.]
A great guy. Is he on this trip ?

Bobby: 'Yes he is.'
'Those guys [ the clubhouse staff ] are invaluable.'
How about Fred Stone ? [ Asst. Clubhouse Mgr] 31st year in the Braves org.

Bobby:' It's all about food and service today.' [ clubhouse]
'When I was playing there was no food in the clubhouse. Food is an important item.'

Meck: Can you explain to the fans ? Most don't know about the clubhouse food.
Bobby: 'Day games .. most players eat breakfast in the clubhouse.'
[Night games] .. 'Snacks before the game. '
'After the game .. Might be fish .. Steak filets .. '

How's Dr. Jack Llewellyn doing ? [ the great sports psychologist]

Meck: I like to hear you call the names from the dugout .. Encouraging them as they bat.
That's important to you ? [ and them]

Please tell us about about your efforts [to raise money] to rescue Homeless Animals ?
Bobby: ' We're trying to get an event going on Nov. 17th .. at the ballpark.'
Bobby talks about Dr. Good [ the vetanarian] who repairs the injured animals.
Bobby: 'My daughter [ Skyla ] is also helping us.'

excerpt from 07/15/07 show:
Bobby:' If People want to contribute .. We take in all injured animals .. repair them
and try to find homes.'
'We raise the money and try and keep the Medicine and Dog Food flowing.' - BC
Thanks for your TIME today and listening to our show with Bobby Cox - MR. ENCOURAGER.
Bobby's kindness and the compassion he gives others will long outlive his Hall of Fame Stats.
As I've shared with Bobby .. ' If I ever go to the electric chair .. I want to have my last meal with you.
At least I'll have a smile on my face and feel good about it.'

A Special Thanks to Super Dave in New York for putting our show together [ as always].
I'm grateful to Jennifer [ in San Fran] for keeping up and running.
And Thank You for forwarding the show .. to those you know.
Coming on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the History of Baseball.
Donald Watkins - Business Icon. Ethanol.
Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer.
Joe Simpson - Braves TV Announcer.
Paul Finebaum - Writer/Talk Show Host.
Bobby Clampett - Golfer/Announcer - CBS and TNT.
Gov. Mike Huckabee - Presidential Candidate.
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" The Bobby Cox: Paws BeCause .. They Are Worth Saving."
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Please reach out and help. Donate and/or Adopt a special friend.
"Atlanta Braves Manager Bobby Cox Helps Homeless Animals."
An Inspiring Article by Mark Bowman.

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