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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer. 05/22/07

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Bob Nightengale - USA TODAY Baseball Writer. 05/22/07
www.TheMeck.com Posted 5:22a Show Time: 33 mins.

Meck Notes:
Thanks for downloading our show.
A revealing interview w/ Bob Nightengale of USA TODAY.
A longtime friend and frequent guest who will continue to join us as he follows Bonds' chase of 755.
Excerpt .. The quote by Jason Giambi that has struck a nerve with Major League Baseball.
USA TODAY interv w/ Bob Nightengale ..

"I was wrong for doing that stuff," Giambi said. "What we should have done a long time ago was stand up — players, ownership, everybody — and said: 'We made a mistake.' "

MLB and the Yankees were most angered by Giambi's insinuation that baseball ignored its steroid problem, according to the two baseball officials.

Kevin V. Ryan, the former U.S. attorney whose office questioned Giambi before the grand jury, told USA TODAY on Sunday: "I think Giambi should get a lot of credit and be applauded for his honesty and courage. He's standing up and owning up to an issue that should be talked about."

May 20, 2007 - excerpts from USATODAY.com -' MLB seeks steroid sitdown with Giambi, officials say.'


-- Meck opens the show with close friend - BIG JIM Kearce.
Bob Nightengale joins Meck from Southern Calif. to talk about the firestorm this Giambi quote has caused.
We talk about the Giambi interview he did plus the denial among MLB and the suspicions
of steroids back to the 80's.
'Crowds chanting - Steroids .. Steroids '

Re the Giambi quote hitting a nerve with MLB ..
'They don't want to hear that they cover stuff up .. and didn't want to admit it.' - BN

Do you believe the owners and officials had some [steroid] suspicions back in '98 during
the McGwire, Sosa and Bonds era ?
'I don't think there's a soul in baseball that didn't have suspicions [ back to the 80's].' - BN
It seems MLB - the Yankees and the Commissioner are playing the high moral road
[re Giambi all of a sudden] with the Bonds record coming up ..?
'It reminds me of the Mets clubhouse kid [Kirk Radomski ] when he came out talking steroids and going to name names.
All of a sudden the Mets players couldn't remember him [and he'd been in the clubhouse for 10 years].'- BN

Can MLB really suspend Giambi ?
'No .. I don't see how.'
' He's never failed a drug test' .. Bob points out.

They'll probably tell him to 'keep your mouth shut.' [ 'Just like they told Sheffield re the Mitchell investigation].' - BN

' All [Giambi] was saying is Baseball should apologize.'
' I think that struck a nerve.' - BN

It's worth noting and remembering.
The Yanks have already tried to void Giambi's contract after his Balco testimony was leaked from the Grand Jury in 2003.
It didn't happen then and it won't happen now. - Meck
Meck talks with Bob re more pitchers being suspended for steroids than hitters.
'Guys throwing 88 mph in the minors .. all of a sudden throwing 100 mph in the majors.'
'Some are 40-50-60 round picks .. Scouts aren't missing that bad.' - BN

'It's not humanly possible to increase your fastball 5-6 mph when you're in your upper 30's.' - BN
Meck and Bob discuss Hank Aaron and Commissioner Bud Selig.
Shouldn't they attend the Bonds' record breaker for Home Runs.? [ 756]

Shouldn't it be about The Game and not any individual ?

'If Babe Ruth was alive .. he'd been there for Aaron.' - BN
'I think Players will tell you .. he [ Aaron] should be there.' - BN

Re the Commissioner of Baseball.
Shouldn't he be there for the record ??

Bob shares his thoughts on this hot topic.
'If the Commissioner of Baseball doesn't show [ for the HR Record]
I believe he should resign.' - Meck
Meck and Bob discuss Glavine vs. Smoltz [ Thurs nite].
Glav going for win 296 .. Smoltz for his 200th win.
2 Hall of Fame Pitchers.

Plus the sale of the Braves to Liberty Media.
Bob talks about the NL East. 'Braves and Mets best teams in the NL'. - BN

He still calls Bobby Cox - 'The Greatest Manager in the history of baseball.'
' I'll believe it all the way to my grave.' - BN
Thanks Bob for your insight today .. especially on this controversial [hush-hush] subject - steroids.
We appreciate you shining light [ truth] on this dark issue.

The cover-up/denial seems to always cost more than the original problem.
Jason Giambi is exactly right .. Baseball should apologize.
He struck a nerve and exposed them with his remorse.
MLB should stop hiding behind the curtain of denial.

Thanks for listening to this informative show and sharing it with a friend.

"I was wrong for doing that stuff," Giambi said. "What we should have done a long time ago was stand up — players, ownership, everybody — and said: 'We made a mistake.' "
Coming soon on The Meck Radio Show.
Bobby Cox - The Best Manager in the History of Baseball.
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