Saturday, July 15, 2017

Mike Schmitz Formally Announced Today He's a Candidate for Dothan City Schools Chairman - Mike IV Kids

Dothan Mayor Mike Schmitz formally announced today he's a candidate for Dothan City Schools Chairman (Aug 1st election) The Mike IV Kids rally was held this morning at the Dothan Civic Center. Hundreds turned out to show their support for Dothan's iconic mayor who now wants to lead the schools with his vision - leadership skills - wisdom and ability to bring people together.

After all Mike Schmitz - the individual/businessman - has been involved in the City Schools for over 25 years - giving his time and helping any way he could. I have no doubt he's been to every city school and impacted students with his time and efforts. He's done it as Mayor for 8 years and many years before that.

Mike Schmitz as Dothan City Schools Chairman. That sounds cool. Wow. It's a New Day. It was a new beginning 8 yrs ago for the city and now its a new day for DCS. Dothan is grateful to Mike Schmitz for all you've done as Mayor - Your incredible leadership - the change and hope you brought to the city and will now bring to Dothan City Schools. GO GO GO! - TheMeck

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