Thursday, July 13, 2017

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Donald Watkins Discusses Megan Rondini’s Rape Case With David “The Meck” Meckley 

Watkins Discusses Megan Rondini's Rape Case With David "The Meck" Meckley
Below is the link to my exclusive radio interview Monday with veteran journalist David "The Meck" Meckley about the Megan Rondini rape case. The Meck has co-published all of my Facebook articles on Megan's tragic story. He truly understands why Megan Rondini's rape case is important to parents of college students and all Alabamians.

Rape is a crime; it is not a one-night stand. A sexual predator chooses his victim; she does not choose him. There can be no consensual sexual encounter where the victim is drugged. A police cover-up of a rape incident is a criminal act itself.

Prior to the Megan Rondini rape case, The Meck helped me develop and break stories on (a) Federal Judge Mark Fuller's wife-beating and serial martial cheating with courthouse employees and (b) Governor Robert Bentley's "sex for power" scandal with mistress Rebekah Caldwell Mason. Both men resigned their offices in disgrace. The Meck is now focused on news stories dealing with the law enforcement cover-up of Tuscaloosa playboy T.J. "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr.'s alleged rape of Megan Rondini.

The Meck and I have worked together for almost two decades to promote justice, fairness, and equality in Alabama's legal and judicial system. The Meck is one of the strongest, most courageous, brightest, and most dedicated media professionals in America. It was an honor to be a guest on his Podcast radio show.

Click on to the link below and enjoy the show.
Donald V. Watkins


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