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Adam Bailey’s Murder Shed Light On The Role of GHB In Megan Rondini’s Rape Case - Donald V. Watkins 

Adam Bailey's Murder Shed Light On The Role of GHB In Megan Rondini's Rape Case
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on August 7, 2017
Adam Bryant Bailey was a 24-year-old forest technician for Forestry Research Contractors in Gordo, Alabama. He attended Hillcrest High School in Tuscaloosa with Brett Patrick Davis. They graduated together in 2010.
In 2011, Adam completed a PEC Safety training program in Morgan City, Louisiana. This program provides safety and skills training to oil and gas contractor workforces. Adam then entered the Alabama Fire College where he graduated in December 2014 with the "Class of 1406 Smokehounds".
Brett Davis took a different direction in life. He entered the world of drug and sex trafficking in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I profiled Davis and his Tuscaloosa-based network of young drug dealers in my July 23, 2017, article titled, "Was Megan Rondini's Accused Rapist Tied To The Underworld Of "Date Rape" Drugs And Sexual Abuse In Tuscaloosa?" The article is linked here: .   
Despite Davis' participation in Tuscaloosa's thriving world of drug trafficking, which includes the distribution and sale of the popular "date rape" drug known as "GHB" on the bar and club scene in Tuscaloosa, Adam Bailey maintained a close and personal friendship with Davis. Adam, who was not a drug dealer, was always trying to help Brett Davis find his way back to a positive and productive lifestyle.
In August 2016, Adam discovered something far more sinister than Brett Davis' participation in the trafficking of GHB, Xanax and ICE pills, cocaine, and other illegal drugs. He stumbled upon a clandestine sex trafficking ring that Davis and his accomplices were operating in Tuscaloosa.
Sex trafficking is the world's fastest growing illegal activity. It is an estimated $13 billion per year business in the United States alone, and 75% of the victims are being trafficked as sex slaves. Alabama is home to a sex-trafficking super-highway. The stretch of I-20 between Atlanta and Tuscaloosa is "America's number one road for human sex trafficking." The money flow derived from sex and drug trafficking in Tuscaloosa alone is estimated at $1 billion a year.
Adam Bailey reportedly went ballistic when he saw a blindfolded and physically restrained underage girl being taken from a vehicle and carried into one of the warehouses to which Brett Davis and his accomplices had access. Adam tried unsuccessfully to intervene on this girl's behalf. This move turned out to be a fatal one for Adam.
As will be discussed in greater detail in upcoming articles, Adam Bailey was neutralized to ensure that there would be no further acts on his part to intervene in or otherwise stop the sex trafficking he had witnessed.
On August 7, 2016, Adam was unobtrusively administered a fatal overdose of GHB while he was in the company of Caleb LaGrone, a close friend and drug trafficking partner of Brett Davis. Shortly thereafter, Adam went out to dinner with Victoria Love and Joseph Alan Cook. According to Love, Adam started acting "weird" and eventually passed out. She drove him to his home in Northport.
Victoria Love then contacted Caleb LaGrone to tell him about Adam's condition. LaGrone sent a text message to her stating that he (LaGrone) and his accomplices had made up a false story to cover up for what really happened to Adam earlier that night. After speaking with LaGrone, Victoria Love left Adam in his truck and went home.
Caleb LaGrone and Mathew Hartley, Adam's roommate, arrived at the house before the police were called. LaGrone told police he tried to revive Adam once they got him inside the house.
After police officers were called to the scene, Adam was taken to DCH Regional Medical Center in Tuscaloosa where he was placed on a respirator for six days. On August 14, 2016, Adams was taken off the respirator and declared dead.
LaGrone and Hartley were contacted for a follow up interview about the highly questionable text message LaGrone sent to Victoria Love. LaGrone never responded. Hartley did respond, but he wanted an attorney present. The police file does not show any follow-up interviews with LaGrone or Hartley.
Adam never got a chance to report the sex trafficking activity he had witnessed to law enforcement authorities. He was murdered to prevent this from happening.
On August 16, 2016, an autopsy by the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences listed Adam Bailey's cause of death as a "Seizure Disorder" and the manner of death as "Undetermined". A toxicology report confirmed the presence of various substances in Adam's body, but none that would have caused his death. Some of these substances were administered to Adam as part of his emergency room and ICU medical treatment.
Interestingly, the autopsy procedures did not test the vitreous humor area of Adams' eyes, his tear ducts, or his hair for the presence of GHB. An overdose of GHB would have killed Adam.
The Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide Unit investigated Adam's death. They closed the case on March 10, 2017, without determining what substance cause Adam's fatal overdose. No arrest has been made in connection with Adam Bailey's murder. The police file in this case is sorely lacking in basic detective work.
The shady cast of characters that surfaced in the GHB drug trafficking ring that is tied to Megan Rondini's rape case, is also present in Adam Bailey's homicide case. Many of the individuals involved appear to enjoy special protection within Tuscaloosa's law enforcement community. They are typically in and out of jail on a carousel basis.
Caleb LaGrone was discussed in my July 23rd article. He is one of the biggest distributors of GHB in the Tuscaloosa area. In an effort to mislead police, LaGrone told them Adam might have overdosed on Xanax. A police search of Adams' residence and truck found no Xanax pills or other prescription medications at the scene.
Joseph Alan Cook, who was referenced in my July 22nd article, was with Victoria Love and Adam when she started out to dinner. He was dropped off at another location. Cook is a friend of LaGrone. Cook was also one of 50 heroin dealers arrested by federal law enforcement agents in September of 2013 in connection with two Tuscaloosa overdose deaths. He was back on the street in record time.
Stefan Swindoll, who was identified by name in my July 22nd article, threatened Adams' father after he raised questions about Adam's suspicious death. Swindoll is currently on probation in Pickens County, Alabama until January 2018 in connection with his guilty plea to harassing communications directed to the Bailey family.
The drug trafficking ring operated by Caleb LaGrone, Stefan Swindoll, Brett Davis, Joseph Alan Cook, and their accomplices led us straight to Megan Rondini's accused rapist, Terry Bunn "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr. In 2015, Sweet T was getting his GHB from Caleb LaGrone and Brett Davis, and from bar and club staffers in Tuscaloosa.
Adam Bailey is survived by his parents, Tim and Jan Bailey, and his sister, Cassie Bailey. Cassie just finished her first year of nursing school. The Bailey family is still fighting for justice in Adam's murder case.

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