Thursday, June 22, 2017

Donald V. Watkins Broke The Story at 7am - Oliver Robinson Reaches Plea Deal 

Breaking News---
(Updated at 2:42 p.m. CST)
Oliver Robinson Reaches Plea Deal

Former State Representative Oliver Robinson has reached a plea deal with federal prosecutors. Robinson has been charged with federal conspiracy, bribery, wire fraud, and tax evasion charges. Prosecutors filed the felony charges and Robinson's plea agreement in Birmingham federal court this morning.
Robinson is the first of several individuals to plead guilty in connection with a massive fraud scheme to deny residents in contaminated communities in North Birmingham with various Environmental Protection Agency protections afforded to them under mandated Super Fund clean-up laws. Two other individuals were listed in the charges as unindicted co-conspirators. One is an attorney at the Balch & Bingham law firm in Birmingham and the other is an executive at the Drummond Company.
On May 14, 2017, I published a story about Robinson's sellout of the affected North Birmingham neighborhoods. Here is a link to that story:
Now Robinson is paying the price for his sellout. Others will be joining him in the criminal justice system very soon.  

Donald V Watkins

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