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Steve Marshall Appoints Ellen Brooks to Lead the Gov Bentley Criminal Investigation. - Donald V. Watkins

Steve Marshall Appoints Ellen Brooks to Lead the Bentley Criminal Investigation.
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on February 15, 2017
Newly appointed Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall attained instant credibility in his job today. After meeting with members of the Special Prosecutions Division in the Attorney General's office, Marshall recused himself from the criminal investigation of Governor Robert Bentley and his lover, Rebekah Caldwell Mason. He then appointed former Montgomery County district attorney Ellen Brooks as a special attorney general to lead the investigation.
Brooks is a well-respected and seasoned prosecutor. She is also an excellent trial lawyer. Before becoming district attorney in Montgomery, Brooks served with distinction as the chief deputy district attorney under legendary Montgomery district attorney Jimmy Evans. Evans rose to fame as a tough but fair-minded prosecutor who became well-known for handling the first public corruption prosecutions during the modern era in Alabama. In April 1993, Evans convicted former Alabama governor Guy Hunt on felony ethics violation charges.
Brooks was Evans' protégée. She too was a tough but fair prosecutor. Brooks's prosecutorial decisions were based solely upon evidence, not political considerations. The Brooks-Evans prosecution team was formable and it always represented the uncompromising right of Alabamians to honest government services.
The appointment of Ellen Brooks signals that Marshall is prepared to stamp out public corruption in Alabama, even if it involves the governor who appointed Marshall to the AG's job. It was a bold, respectable move on Marshall's part.
It is unclear what role Deputy Attorney General Alice Martin and Special Prosecution Division Chief Matt Hart will have in the investigation led by Brooks. As a former federal prosecutor and now Deputy Attorney General, Martin has secured scores of guilty pleas and jury convictions in public corruption and white collar cases during her law enforcement career.
Matt Hart's track record in public corruption cases speaks for itself. Former house speaker Mike Hubbard's criminal conviction last year for state ethics law violations is a testament to Hart's anti-corruption focus and trial skills.
Sources close to the investigation believe that Alice Martin and Matt Hart would never give Bentley or any other crooked public official a prosecutorial "pass" on ethics violations solely for political reasons. Like the general public, they too were betrayed by Luther Strange's smelly "quid pro quo" deal with Bentley for an appointment to the senate seat vacated by Jeff Sessions.
Martin is reportedly under consideration for an appointment by President Donald J. Trump to the U.S. Attorney's job in Birmingham, Alabama. She held this post under President George W. Bush and racked up an impressive number of public corruption convictions.
Bentley's ongoing crime spree has finally become too much for respected federal and state prosecutors to stomach. His widespread public corruption with Rebekah Mason is out of control. It is fueled by Bentley's insatiable desire for Rebekah Mason's love and affection.
Stay tuned for more breaking news in Bentley's criminal case, including an upcoming exposé on the unusual and interesting relationship between Rebekah Mason and her husband, Jonathan Mason.

Donald V Watkins

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