Thursday, February 16, 2017

Remembering Gary Carter Who Passed Away 5 Years Ago Today - Photos from Gary Carter, Javy Lopez Video Shoot in Dothan Al - Feb 2000 -


I will never forget that Feb day in 2000 when Gary Carter came to my hometown, Dothan Al, and shot an instructional and inspirational video with Javy Lopez and myself. Gary knew so much about catching and hitting but especially about life.

It was a wonderful day. The Kid made sure of that.  Gary always talked about helping others. And he did just that.
He came all the way to Dothan and shot this video for me. He gave his knowledge, heart and most of all his TIME.
No charge. That's right. Both he and Javy.

There is nobody like The Kid, Gary Carter. He's The Best.
I have Many Wonderful Memories with The Kid.  

I'm grateful that Gary included me in his life. He always gave me his TIME.
He has blessed so many, many lives.
Gary Carter was a wonderful man.

We went to the yard many times together - in New York, Atlanta, St. Louis, San Francisco, Miami, Pittsburg, and Montreal.
So many Unforgettable memories with The Kid - Thanks for Always Including Me.

I'm grateful that Jack Graham introduced me to Gary Carter and his wonderful family - Sandy, Christy, Kimmy and DJ.

Miss you Kid 8. You had the gift of Greatness - The ability to make those around you feel great. Thanks for touching my life and encouraging me.


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