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Coming Soon -- Deep Inside the Marriage of Rebekah and Jonathan Mason - Donald V. Watkins

Coming Soon---
Deep Inside the Marriage of Rebekah and Jonathan Mason
In March of 2016, Alabamians and the rest of the world heard Governor Robert Bentley gushing on secretly recorded audio tapes about his love for Rebekah Mason, about how he likes to grab Rebekah's breasts and fondle her from behind, about the pride he felt parading in front of Rebekah in his boxer shorts, and about the love couple's need to start locking the door to his private office inside the Executive Suite at the Capitol when they are alone in the office.
Bentley's love for Rebekah caused him to: (a) cheat on his former wife Dianne, (b) buy disposable "burner" phones to communicate with Rebekah, (c) share a secret safe deposit box with Rebekah, (d) funnel campaign funds and "dark money" to Rebekah, (e) fly Rebekah on private jets for shopping trips and use campaign dollars to pay for it, (f) take Rebekah on exotic getaways to Las Vegas and Washington, DC, and (g) pay Rebekah's attorney's fees in a criminal investigation with his campaign dollars, among other things.
Bentley, a licensed physician, also ordered Viagra from an online pill pharmacy in Canada using Dianne's name on the prescription. The Viagra was delivered to the Governor's Mansion after Dianne and Bentley separated in 2014 and Dianne had moved back to Tuscaloosa. Rebekah was Bentley's only known love interest at the time.
One of the problems with all of this "love" between Rebekah and Robert is the fact that Rebekah is married to Jonathan P. Mason – at least on paper.
Jonathan, a former weatherman at a small TV station in Tuscaloosa, accompanied Rebekah to Montgomery after Bentley won his first election as governor in November of 2010. Bentley named Jonathan as the director of Serve Alabama, which is the governor's office for faith-based and community initiatives. Serve Alabama is a thinly veiled, taxpayer-sponsored "slush fund" that the Bentley uses to "buy" the alliance of religious and community leaders.
Their dependence on Serve Alabama money is one of the reasons why the state's religious and community leaders have, for the most part, been silent on Bentley's despicable misconduct in office and his fairly open affair with a married "senior political adviser". Many of the state's most prominent religious leaders and/or institutions receive Serve Alabama funds and do not feel free to criticize Bentley's misconduct in office or his relationship with Rebekah.
Rebekah has always made sure that Jonathan is well compensated for continuing to turn a blind eye toward her love affair with Bentley.
After Bentley's sex tapes were made public, Jonathan stated on his Facebook page that he had "long ago resolved the personal issues playing out now for everybody this week". He praised his "amazing wife of nearing 20 years" and proclaimed her a "child of God".
As Rebekah Mason continues her intense love affair with Robert Bentley, legitimate questions have arisen about the nature and character of her marriage to Jonathan. For example, does Jonathan tolerate Rebekah's extramarital affair solely because Governor Bentley pays him a high-dollar salary and the couple needs the money? Do the Masons have an "open" marriage, at least with respect to Rebekah's appetite for Bentley's physical and emotional intimacy? Does Jonathan engage in an alternative lifestyle outside of his marriage to Rebekah?
We will bring you the answers to these burning questions, and many more, very soon. They will shock you.
Stay tuned.

Donald V Watkins  

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