Friday, March 09, 2018

The Meck with Boston's Brad Delp. A gentle man with an incredible voice. Passion for his music. Compassion and T I M E for those he meets. He's been "Smokin'" since the 70's .. "It's been such a Long Time." [photo .. Atlanta concert June 29, 2003]

Brad Delp and Javy Lopez visited Dothan Al. Jan 15, 1996 [Video clips]

THE MECK REPORT - I'll Always Remember Brad Delp: The Mother Teresa of Rock n Roll. 03/12/07

Thank you, Meck.  A note from Brad Delp's close friend, Bill Faulkner.

THE MECK RADIO SHOW - Long Time Memories of Brad Delp. 03/14/07

Mar 9th, 2007 - This is the first day Brad Delp ever made me sad.  He was the Mother Teresa of Rock n Roll.  The only thing that trumped his incredible voice was the T I M E and kindness he shared with others.  No doubt the lives he touched will even outlive his music.

I will always be grateful that Brad and Javy Lopez came to my hometown [ Dothan, Al] - Jan 15, 1996. 5 thousand fans showed up to meet them.  Brad truly had the gift of Greatness - 'The ability to make those around him feel great.'   Thanks to Marty Hom and Glenn Matthews [Tour Managers] for always including me.  - Meck

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