Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Open Letter To T.J. “Sweet T” Bunn, Jr. - Donald V. Watkins


August 8, 2017 - 4:15 ct/pm

Open Letter To T.J. "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr. :
Thousands of men and women of goodwill across America have thanked me for supporting their fight for justice in Megan Rondini's rape case. I had no choice in this matter. I am the father of a college age daughter. I love her dearly. I must do everything within my power to make this world safe and secure for her.
Like Megan, I know what it is like to fight for justice when the deck is stacked against you. Like Megan, I have been alone and afraid in a sea of hostility. Like Megan, I have been threatened and bullied by those who were supposed to secure and protect me. Like Megan, I am a warrior.
The video clip below, courtesy of the 2017 series of The HistoryMakers, will help to explain my healthy respect for Megan Rondini and all women and men who are fighting for justice in her rape case. It also explains why the power and influence of the Bunn family cannot intimidate me.
Megan was a great person. Her young and promising life was cut short because of your oversized ego, self-centered personality, and lack of respect for women. She was a "nobody" to you. She was a beautiful human being to me.
Megan's physical body is gone, but her spirit lives within those of us who truly admire and respect women. This spirit cannot be crushed or defeated. It has evolved into a national movement to stop sexual predators like you from escaping justice.
My passion in Megan Rondini's case reflects my determination to finish the fight she started in the criminal justice system. I am dedicating this fight to Megan, her parents, and my old law school mentor, Mr. Ramus Rhodes. For reasons you may never understand, I will not let them down.

On May 1, 2017, Donald V. Watkins interviewed by The HistoryMakers. In this…

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