Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Megan Rondini's Rape Case Goes Global - Donald V. Watkins -- Birmingham based attorney Donald V Watkins who has become a champion for Megan became intent on exposing what he describes as the 'corruption and cover up' at the heart of her case. He believes Bunn's family connections have made him all but 'untouchable.' Speaking to DailyMail.com, Watkins - who worked to expose the sexual and financial scandal that saw the state's governor Robert J Bentley resign in April - said: 'The odds were stacked against Megan from the start.'


Megan Rondini's Rape Case Goes Global
The London-based Daily Mail news organization has published an excellent article by investigative reporter Laura Collins. Check it out below.
Why is Megan's rape story newsworthy from an international standpoint, but no mainstream Alabama news organization has found it a story that is worthy of investigation?


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