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Important Notice Regarding The Megan Rondini Rape Case - Donald V Watkins

Important Notice Regarding The Megan Rondini Rape Case

Dated: August 5, 2017

The family of Terry Jackson "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr., has devised a plan of action to shut down all news articles written by me on the Megan Rondini rape case and published on my Facebook page.

Reportedly, the Bunn family has hired Boston attorney Howard M. Cooper to work behind the scenes to get Facebook to shut down my Facebook page. Cooper specializes in representing public officials and other clients who feel like they have been defamed by media outlets.

"Truth" is a complete defense to any defamation claim.

The Bunn family strongly believes that my reporting in Megan's rape case is: (a) tarnishing the family's name, (b) hurting business for ST Bunn Construction Company, (c) straining relationships with the public officials who were bought with the family's laundered campaign contributions, and (d) embarrassing the family's friends and flunkies at The University of Alabama.

The family's money and clout have anesthetized Alabama's mainstream news media organizations. They are not conducting any investigative reporting on what has evolved into the largest cover up of an alleged crime by law enforcement officials in Alabama in five decades.

The family's death-grip on state and local public officials has prevented all of them from publicly standing up for Megan Rondini. Their solution to Megan's rape case is to ignore it.

The family's donations to the University have bought the president's and board of trustees' allegiance to the Bunn family. These officials have chosen the acceptance of Bunn money over the safety and security of the University's female students.

Facebook has not contacted me about my reporting on the Megan Rondini rape case. No attorney has contacted me to demand a retraction of any fact I have reported in this case.

In the four years I have been engaged in investigative journalism, no individual who has been the subject of my news reports has ever demanded a retraction or correction relating to any story published. The sources for my news stories on the Megan Rondini rape case and subsequent law enforcement cover up are well positioned to provide pertinent information about the case. They have also proven to be very reliable and credible.

In the unlikely event Facebook bows to pressure from the Bunn family and shuts down my page, I have co-published all of my Megan Rondini articles on David Meck Meckley's website:

David Meckley is a Dothan-based online journalist who has worked with me to co-publish my exclusive series of news stories about former federal judge Mark Fuller's wife-beating conduct and his sexual exploitation of female employees in the Montgomery federal courthouse. Fuller was forced to resign after these stories were published.

David Meckley also co-published my 2015 exclusive "Forbidden Love" and "Executive Betrayal" series of articles that detailed former governor Robert Bentley's illicit love affair with Rebekah Mason and his misuse of taxpayers' money, campaign contributions, and "dark money" to underwrite the couple's jet-setting romance. The April 2017 Alabama House of Representatives' official Impeachment Report mirrored everything about the Bentley-Mason love affair and cover up that was first reported two years earlier in "Forbidden Love" and "Executive Betrayal".

The Impeachment Report also confirmed that Governor Bentley specifically targeted me for harassment by law enforcement and regulatory agencies. The Alabama Political Reporter independently confirmed the same. Because Bentley was the "Chief Magistrate" of Alabama, every state and federal agency with investigatory powers responded to the governor's call and investigated my personal and business affairs, from top to bottom. None of these investigations has been successful in proving any wrongdoing on my part.

David Meckley has international media relationships. His collective body of journalistic work is respected around the world. He contributed to the London-based Daily Mail's recent investigative stories on the Megan Rondini rape case.

David Meckley is the bravest investigative journalist I know. He is "unbought" and "unbossed". He also has a backbone of steel.

David truly respects and values men and women as human beings, regardless of their ethnicity, socio-economic status, or their station in life.

I do not believe the Bunn family's "shutdown" strategy with Facebook will be successful. In the unlikely event that it is, I will continue to publish my "breaking news" stories in Megan Rondini's rape case at David's website:

Stay tuned.

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