Friday, August 04, 2017

Donald V. Watkins: The Bunns have also hired a powerful Montgomery-based public relations firm to work with the Tuscaloosa News in developing a “hit” piece on Megan Rondini 

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Sweet T Benefits From "Homecooking" In Megan Rondini's Rape Case
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on August 4, 2017
Yesterday, Attorney Ivey Gilmore, Jr., the attorney for Terry Jackson "Sweet T" Bunn, Jr., filed a consolidated "Motion to Intervene and Motion for Release of Public Records" in the July 1, 2015, Megan Rondini rape case. In short, Sweet T was seeking official access to the Tuscaloosa County Sheriff's Department files and medical records in Megan's rape case.
Earlier this year, the Estate of Megan Elizabeth Rondini, Deceased, filed a petition in Tuscaloosa Circuit Court against the Sheriff's Department and DCH Regional Medical Center to acquire Megan's medical records and law enforcement files in her rape case. The case was assigned to Judge M. Brad Almond, who eventually granted the Estate's request.
Sweet T was seeking intervention in this case. In support of his Motion to Intervene, Gilmore alleged that Sweet T has been sued in a federal court action and that he "needs the public records so that he may defend the allegations asserted in the Federal Court action." Gilmore omitted any reference to the undisputed fact that Sweet T, as a defendant in the federal court proceedings, is entitled to all of the public records sought as part of the federal litigation process. Hence, these records would have been provided to him during the ordinary course of the federal court litigation.
Gilmore filed Sweet T's consolidated motions at 9 a.m. on August 3, 2017. Without any prior notification to Megan's Estate or a hearing on the motions, Judge Almond issued an order granting the motions exactly 46 minutes after they had been filed. In "street" language, this kind of action is characterized as "homecooking". When the judicial action is this fast, it is called "homecooking on steroids."
Judge Almond, who is the Presiding Judge of the 6th Judicial Circuit (Tuscaloosa County), is an adjunct faculty member at The University of Alabama School of Law. The University is one of the named defendants in the Estate's federal court wrongful death lawsuit against Sweet T and others.
Judge Almond's fast ruling on Sweet T's motions took away any opportunity the Estate had to raise the issue of whether he should have recused himself from hearing Sweet T's motions due to Almond's conflict of interest arising from his business relationship with the University.
Gilmore is the Bunn family attorney who published a vicious, full-page attack ad against Megan Rondini and her family in the Tuscaloosa News on July 27, 2017. The attack ad openly referenced evidence that Gilmore said was reviewed by a local grand jury, as well as text messages purportedly from Megan Rondini that Gilmore claims exonerate Sweet T of a rape charge in her case. In Alabama, grand jury information is cloaked in secrecy by law.
Sweet T sought the Sheriff's Department records as part of an ongoing public relations effort to shape public opinion in his favor in the growing scandal surrounding Megan Rondini's rape case and subsequent law enforcement cover up.
The Bunns have also hired a powerful Montgomery-based public relations firm to work with the Tuscaloosa News in developing a "hit" piece on Megan Rondini, who committed suicide after Sweet T escaped a prosecution for rape. The records sought by Sweet T's motions are needed as source materials for the upcoming article.
Based upon the plain language in Gilmore's July 27th attack ad, the Bunns already had inside knowledge of the information contained in the Sheriff's Department records and grand jury proceedings in Megan's rape case. Thanks to Judge Almond, these documents will now be provided to Sweet T on an official basis.
The public should brace itself for the Bunns' anticipated public relations molestation of Megan Rondini in death. The July 27th attack ad was just the beginning of this post-death molestation campaign.

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