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Bentley-Appointed Attorney General Steve Marshall is a Sellout - By Donald V. Watkins


Bentley-Appointed Attorney General Steve Marshall is a Sellout
By Donald V. Watkins
©Copyrighted and Published (via Facebook) on May 2, 2017

The smile on the faces of Steve Marshall and Robert Bentley says it all. Disgraced former Alabama Governor Robert Bentley knew that Steve Marshall would sellout the people of Alabama when he appointed Marshall as Attorney General in February.
Bentley strongly believed that the former Marshall County district attorney would not enforce Alabamians' right to honest government services from their public officials. Bentley knew that Marshall was a weak and inexperienced prosecutor with only a "powder-puff" resume and marginal list of "achievements".
Bentley also knew that Marshall would get rid of the toughest and best qualified prosecutors in the AG's office – Alice Martin and Matt Hart. Martin and Hart have been taking down crooked politicians regardless of their political affiliation or stature as officeholders.
Bentley was absolutely right. Marshall quickly pushed Alice Martin out the door.
Last month, Marshall allowed Bentley to walk away from four felony ethics violations as a free man. He also gave Rebekah Mason, Bentley's married girlfriend, a "pass" on criminal prosecution.
Last week, Marshall allowed scores of Jefferson County lawmakers and local public officials to walk away free from "open and shut" cases of ethics violations and public corruption that Matt Hart and his Special Prosecutions Division team were ready to present to a Jefferson County grand jury for indictments. This move was designed to humiliate Hart and make him quit his job.
Well-placed sources have confirmed that the promise of more than $1.5 million in campaign cash from allies and supporters of former House Speaker and convicted felon Mike Hubbard is fueling Marshall's emerging pattern and practice of allowing serial public corruption offenders to go free.
As a result of Marshall's sellout, Alabamians are experiencing a full-blown "campaign cash for freedom" scandal that is being orchestrated and implemented by a new attorney general who has only been in office for three months.
Marshall has willingly assumed the drum major role for dismantling ethics reform in Alabama. In this capacity, Marshall has become the darling of the Business Council of Alabama and the oligarchy of rich donors that financed the Mike Hubbard-led GOP movement that captured the State House in 2010.
Candidates for public office in the 2018 elections may begin accepting campaign contributions on June 5, 2017. Our news team will track the campaign cash flowing into Steve Marshall's campaign account and link it to the public corruption suspects who have been allowed to avoid prosecution under Marshall reign as AG.
Our team has the best news sources in the business. We break the hard news that our mainstream media competitors are afraid to report.
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