Wednesday, August 15, 2012

VIDEO: Paul Finebaum in Dothan Aug 14: Press Conf - Speaking, Q and A ::


Unknown said...

Meck, thanks for your idea to bring Finebaum to Dothan, your friend ship with Mayor Mike has effected so many people in such a positive way, thank you for who you are and what you do for so many people, I appreciate your friendship. The Wiregrass Children's Home and the children that need their services are blessed for your compassion and Paul Finebaum really does have a heart and I have a complete new respect for him. Be Cool my friend,

The Meck said...

Bob .. Thanks for your kind words and friendship. Mayor Mike Schmitz is a wonderful man - I've never met a more compassionate person.
I'm very blessed to have a friend like him. It was a blessing for me to work with Mr Schmitz and Mr Finebaum for this special night/cause.

Paul Finebaum has a huge heart for helping others. He's a very humble, unselfish man. I'm grateful that our mutual friend Donald Watkins introduced me to Paul in 2006 and we became friends.
Our hometown Dothan will never forget Aug 14, 2012 - the day Paul Finebaum blew into town and gave us his greatest gift - his TIME.

Bob .. It was good seeing you and Paul Pageant last night at the event. check out this interview I did with Paul re his visit to Dothan. Meck