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THE MECK RADIO SHOW w/ Rodney Stone - Movie Producer. 12/21/06 [Rewind - Rick Stanley]

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The Meck Radio Show w/ Rodney Stone - Movie Producer. 12/21/06 Posted 3:55a ct. Show Time: 36 Mins.
Meck Rewind - Dec. 20, 1994 - Rick Stanley Interv - Stepbrother of Elvis Presley.

Tomorrow's show - Christmas at Graceland. A replay of Rick talking about
his amazing life with Elvis. Moving Stories. Unforgettable.
Meck Notes:
A visit with friend and Movie Producer - Rodney Stone.
Talks about Christmas memories in the Stone family.

Rodney shares about his appearance on' Designing Women.'
The call from Producer Harry Thomason and the Casting Director - to help cast the TV show.
' We need a bunch of nerds on the show.' Rodney was told and came thru.
' The It Man ' - ' One of the Top 10 all-time Designing Women Shows.'

Producer Harry Thomason called and told Rodney .. ' Watch Evening Shade tonite.'
Burt Reynolds said on the show: 'I'm Col. Rodney Stone.'

Harry is married to the gifted writer, Linda Bloodworth, who wrote 'Mash.'
Harry Thomason has produced Evening Shade, Designing Women, Hearts of Fire
and The Fall Guy years ago.[ and more]
RODNEY - Grateful for his father R. O Stone.
'Every year .. You could count on him. Hear footsteps on the rooftop.
Sweet Angie would announce Santa's arrival. An Elf named 'Running Off ..' [God help us.]

Boys started singing at age 3, 4, and 5. Rodney - Randy - Rick. [The Stone Bros.]
' We sounded like Earth, Wind and Fire. Off Key.'
'From Jacksonville Fla. to Chattanooga [ in our station wagon] we'd listen to our
parents and sing Christmas Carols. Enthusiastic. Contagious.' - Rodney Stone.

Stone Brothers music avail. at
Check out the Acapebble CD. [ Acapella]

Rodney produced The Pistol Movie.
2 Diff. versions. The Rebound Edition [ 1992]
It sold in 60 foreign countries. No. 1 in Japan.

Rodney talks about Pete Maravich's widow .. Jackie.
An amazing, giving woman.
His beautiful wife Tammie Stone. They met in Pauls Valley Ok.
'Married her when she was 16. 4 beautiful children.'
Meck asks Rodney ..' Did Tammie have her contacts out when she met you ?'
Rodney tells about Tammie - 'The Shot Lady' saving The Meck one nite.
She is a sweetheart. No Doubt.

'I appreciated what Donald Watkins said, a man who has accomplished everything.'
'Most important thing to me is my children and family.' [ Interv 12/12/06.]

Rodney sings .. I'll be home For Christmas and Blue, Blue Christmas. [ snippets]

Meck Rewind - Dec. 20, 1994 - Rick Stanley Interv .. Stepbrother of Elvis Presley.
Rick has been interviewed on Larry King, Geraldo, Oprah, Letterman, and Carson.

' More grateful the older I get. Grateful for friends that are trying to make a difference.'
'People have a straight-forward way of saying nothing.' - Rick Stanley.

Advice to kids ? 'You got a mom that cares .. Be Grateful.' - Rick Stanley

' 10 lepers .. Only one came back. Only time Jesus was surprised.'
'We have a shock-proof savior.'
Shocked at the lack of grattitude that only 1 came back.' - Rick Stanley

'You're never a poor man if you have friends.'
Show more grattitude to our friends.' - RS
Talks about Lisa Marie marrying Michael Jackson.
'I've prayed every day for the last 17 years for Lisa Marie Presley, my niece.'
'If he's not the person he needs to be .. He doesn't need to worry about me.
Priscilla will take care of him.' - RS

Ricks shares about the battle for young people. Alcohol and Drugs.
He talks about his visits to schools.

Thanks Rodney Stone for your laughter and wonderful memories. [ even your singing]
Thanks Rick Stanley for your words of wisdom that still ring true today and give us hope.

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