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Chester Removed Smoked Like a Fajita

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THE MECK REPORT .. July 13, 2005 .. 2am.
"The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead animals."
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[Pat wins by 2 Touchdowns ..]
Wipe the tears from my eyes .. I'm trying my best ..
Could I borrow a kleenex ?

Now we can really .. " Let's all hold hands."


No more Chesterville - East vs. West .. North vs. South ..
Blacks against whites .. Money vs. No Money .. Us against them.
The 8 YEAR Thug Mentality has been Severed and Trashed.

THE POLICE DEPARTMENT can now Rejoice and Breathe again
after 8 years of Chester's Revenge ..
You have a new mayor who has always supported The Dothan Police Dept.
Chester The Wrecker has been pulled over .. and TOWED AWAY.

Please turn in your city car and buy your own gas ..
I hope Officer Gonzalez gets to Drive Chester's car.
It seems only fitting .. Is another Billboard on Deck?

Get ready for your upcoming lawsuits .. Chester Removed.
The Great Divider is Toast .. Well Done. SMOKED LIKE A FAJITA.
The People Got The Last Laugh.

PAT THOMAS .. MAYOR .. Many times I've called him that thru the years.

I drove over to his house tonite ..[about 7:45] .. Many of his supporters were gathered.
I walked in the back door .. Cameras were flashing ..
A Breeze was blowing thru the room .. A Peace .. A Joy ..
You could feel 8 years of Oppression blowing away.

I gave Pat a hug .. He whispered an update to me.
It was over .. The Fat Lady and The Meck felt like " Spiking a Hymnal."
Pat was relieved and very grateful .. He seemed really touched that he had won.
It was never Political to Pat .. I know it is always Personal to him.

It was the best seeing Chief White and his Main Squeeze Barbara.[ My ole classmate]
It was a Festive scene .. A Picture .. I will always remember.
Fate had no doubt come knocking and the door Blew Open ..
Chester Removed .. Nobody was heard weeping.

It was awesome seeing Mr. Ralph Smith .. Miss Carolyn .. and Mark Smith.
Lewis-Smith Supply ..
A legendary Dothan company that loves Dothan and reaches out to it's Hometown.
Mr. Ralph and I .. are both proud members of HairClub For Men ..
I can't speak 4 him ..[ but I will anyway] .. We are both still waiting 4 the shipment.

There's no one .. Including The Meck .. who loves Dothan anymore than Pat.
All of Dothan .. Not just one area .. Pat went to Young Jr... I went to Girard Jr.
We got to be good friends at Dothan High .. Class of 74.
Often .. We would listen to Elton John and try to find ' The Yellow Brick Road ..'
That Unforgettable Tune .. ' Sweet Painted Lady.'

Pat got a scholarship to Bama .. as a Football Manager.
He served as Sr. Manager for Coach Bryant .. spending valuable time
learning from The Greatest Coach of All Time.

No doubt .. Pat learned a lot about leadership from a Legendary Leader.
Plus .. It speaks volumes about Pat .. that he was entrusted by Coach Bryant.


You can feel the breeze .. The winds of change.
The oxygen is coming back to our hometown.
Hope is in the air .. Class is finally back in session .. in the mayor's office.

Mayor Pat Thomas .. Brings The much needed ' Winds of Change.'

1. A mayor who can complete a sentence without .. 15 uh .. uhs ..

2. A mayor who brings honor and dignity back to the office. [after an 8 year absence].

3. A mayor who doesn't need the job .. He serves because he loves Dothan. Period.

4. A mayor who has a class wife, Cindy .. who doesn't embarass the city of Dothan.

5. A mayor who doesn't use his church and the cross to further a Political agenda.

6. A mayor who would never seek revenge on the Dothan PD and it's Police Chief ..
If a family member or friend of his was investigated or arrested.

7. A mayor who would never travel to Montgomery [ or anywhere] and testify in Federal Court
against The FBI and against the Dothan Police Dept.[and be proud of it.]

8. A mayor who doesn't walk by the umpire while coaching his son's game ..
trying to intiminate the ump telling him .. ' Remember who you work for.'

9. A mayor who doesn't ask the scorekeeper to ' add a run ' to the other teams score.
So they can keep playing the blowout game and his child's team
can get some ' batting practice.'

10. A mayor who is color blind .. and would never use the black community as a toy ..
Playing them as fools like Chester Removed.

11. A mayor who doesn't orchestrate an illegal investigation against The Dothan PD ..
[that never ends]
Misusing over 120 thousand dollars of The People's money ..
Funding His Personal Revenge.

12. A Mayor who doesn't orchestrate a malicious and vicious attack against the Dothan
Police Chief and Captains .. falsely smearing them as racists and other false allegations.
Shaming and Defaming Their GOOD NAME.

13. A Mayor who works with the School Supt. making our schools better for Dothan ..
not a mayor with an on-going vendetta vs. the Supt. that divides the school board.

14. A mayor who makes you proud of the mayor's office .. just like Mayor Alfred Saliba ..
not one who would USE and ABUSE his office with vindictive vendettas.

15. A man who wants the best 4 Dothan .. Not his Personal Agenda and Malcontent friends.
Pat will work with ALL The People .. and Listen.
That Breeze .. ' The winds of change ' .. Gives our City Hope.

Our Hometown .. Dothan has been taken off the respirator.
Moved out of Intensive Care at 8 pm .. Tues .. July 12, 2005.
Don't call Robert Byrd.
It feels like Oral Roberts just flew over our hometown.

Final Thoughts .. A reader of The Meck Report told me last week ..
John Christy was endorsing Chester in a TV Commercial.
I never had the " privelege "of seeing that masterpiece.

But .. If it did air .. That was definitely "The Kiss Of Death" For Chester ..
John Pharisee Christy endorsing his Pharisee brother .. Chester The Wrecker.
[ Now Chester Removed]

Flashback: Several years ago ..
John Christy walked into Pat Thomas' city commis. office and left one of his books
on Pat's desk. [Pat wasn't there and The book wasn't asked for ..]
It was simply John Christy " Legislating Morality " as he so rudely does thru the years.

As the story goes .. Pat got a call that the commode upstairs started leaking ..
fell thru the ceiling and landed on .. [ you guessed it] .. John Christy's book.
No Doubt .. Fate has a sense of smell and humor .. and can even Flush a Pharisee.

Even Chester .. July 12, 2005 .. Chester Removed .. Smoked Like a Fajita.

Much more on the way ..
On Deck with The Meck ..
Q and A .. with Mayor Pat Thomas ..
Coming Soon To a Computer Near You.

The RemoveChester Group will Continue To Meet ..
As we Celebrate .. Our Ultimate Goal For Our Hometown.
Mission Almost Accomplished .. Turn It Up Baby.

A Special Thanks To The Many who read The Meck Report ..
and Forward it to Thousands.


' The Winds Of Change ' are beginning to blow in Dothan.
The Hearbeat is beginning to beat .. again.
Chesterville is Dead .. Dothan is Now Breathing ... Aaahh ..

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road .. It's Time to Fire Up a Diet Pepsi.

Filed by The Meck .. July 13, 2005 .. 2am.
THE MECK REPORT .. Connect ..
" The only thing in the middle of the road are yellow lines and dead animals."

[More Scoop Than Baskin Robbins] [ More Up-To-Date Than Yesterday's Newspaper.]
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