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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

" Legends, Demons and Dreams" .. by Bobby Dews .. a must read ..

" Legends, Demons and Dreams" .. by Bobby Dews .. a must read ..

Terence Moore writes an impact article Mar. 16th at ajc.com ..
" He's written another book, and it's good. It's very good."
When informed by Moore of this .. Bobby Cox yells [from the dugout] at Bobby Dews,
the teams bullpen coach, " Hey, Dewsie, where's my copy?" ..
and only like a best friend could reply .. Dewsie yells, " Check out Amazon.com."

That had to be a classic moment .. There would be no book had it not been for the
close guidance and friendship of Bobby Cox impacting Bobby Dews' life ..

Moore mentions the 30 years Dews has spent in the Braves organization as a
manager, coach, instructor and administrator ..
The " eternal citizen of Edison,Ga." Moore calls Dewsie ..

Moore writes .. ' The wonderful marraige nearly ended in the late 80's, when Dews had
an ugly affair with alcohol.
Finally, Cox, the Braves GM, gave Dews an ultimatum.'
" He told me to get help or go home." Dews tells Moore ..

Moore continues .. ' Dews became a disciple of Alcoholics Anonymous along the way
to a life of sobriety that now spans 16 years.'
" The reader can see that there is hope when you're battling alcoholism,
drugs, and other things," Dews said.
There will be consequences, though, which I also write about." .. Dews tells Moore ..

Thank God for Terence Moore, a writer who will write about the issues ..
not just what he wants to read ..
but what everyone needs to read .. that affects their lives ..

LEGENDS, DEMONS and DREAMS by Bobby Dews ..
a Must Read .. [I'll be reading it next week ..]
Bobby Cox reaches out and helps his best friend .. Bobby Dews ..
We all need to remember.. that's our mission .. Others .. Others .. Compassion ..
Or we might be History .. Like Bobby Dews could have been .. If not for a Friend ..
There would be no book .. Dewsie, Keep on Fishing .. You're a Blessing and Inspiration ..

So is Bobby Cox .. He is a consistent Blessing .. He always has T I M E to listen ..
The Meck has often told the manager and friend ..
" If I ever go to the electric chair .. I sure want to have my last meal with you ..
At least I'll have a smile on my face .." Bobby Cox is The Encourager 4 sure ..

You may also read more about Bobby Dews and Bobby Cox in the Meck's
latest column: ' Pain and Shame vs. Acceptance and Hope ..'
[ Note .. Bobby Dews is 1st cousin to Gene Dews .. Wallace College-[Dothan]
AD and Softball Coach ..] Gene and Bobby were raised by Big Bobby Dews ..

Filed by The Meck .. 5:08 pm. Mar. 31, 2004 ..
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