Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Local cops refusing to share info with FBI as agency suffers 'crisis of confidence' with DEI hires, whistleblower report reveals - Miranda Devine - NYPost

Trump declares victory over Biden, hammers Kamala Harris in NC rally: ‘Most incompetent and far-left VP in American history’ - NYPost

TNT hints at taking legal action against NBA after having 'matching' TV rights proposal rejected | Yardbarker

5 things to know about Bryson DeChambeau, Donald Trump video drop - Golfweek

Biden's family cries and his staff weep as he insists he deserves a second term and commiserates with White House aides with ice cream | Daily Mail Online

Doctors reveal hidden warning signs about Biden's health that you may have missed during tonight's address to the nation | Daily Mail Online

Benjamin Netanyahu lays out a crystal clear picture of good and evil in the Mideast … and the US - NYPost

Donald Trump turns his attention to 'radical left lunatic' Kamala Harris in first rally since Biden dropped out | Daily Mail Online

Biden mumbles as he reveals why he decided to 'pass the torch' and insists he could have served four more years as president in address to nation | Daily Mail Online

Obama doesn’t believe Kamala Harris can beat Trump, which is why he hasn’t endorsed her: sources - NYPost - By Isabel Vincent and Jon Levine

LIVE: President Trump Holds a Rally in Charlotte, North Carolina - 7/24/24 - YouTube

Why Democratic Party Delegates Turned Their Backs on Barack and Michelle Obama - Donald Watkins

Can Kamala Harris win the presidency? Nearly 70% of Americans doubt veep has what it takes: poll - NYPost - By A.G. Gancarski

Hail Mary VP candidate emerges as Kamala Harris comes close to pocketing Presidential nomination - and he's a proven winner | Daily Mail Online - Oliver Salt

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu tells Congress Hamas ‘barbarism’ must lose - NYPost

Leading Report on X: "BREAKING: CNN data analyst Harry Enten says it is going to be difficult for Kamala Harris to beat Trump. “Donald Trump is more popular now than he has ever been before.”

Trump shares letter from Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas condemning assassination attempt — ex-prez scribbles: ‘So nice’ - NYPost - By Victor Nava

Axios tries to erase 'border czar' from Kamala's resume, but it used title for her | Just The News

Shocking new footage reveals how Thomas Crooks fired eight clear shots in six seconds at Donald Trump before Secret Service snipers took him out as witnesses who filmed him claim they were not vetted by security | Daily Mail Online

Exclusive — Peter Schweizer: Joe Biden Dropping Out 'Largely an Effort to Extract' Best Deal Possible for His Family - Breitbart

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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

House Speaker Mike Johnson warns lawmakers they could be arrested for disrupting Netanyahu’s speech: ‘Zero-tolerance policy’ - NYPost

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The Biden health cover-up is a scandal to match Watergate! And, warns DAN MCLAUGHLIN, while Cackling Kamala and her White House co-conspirators keep silent - here's when the full shaming truth will finally come out | Daily Mail Online

Chuck Callesto on X: "JUST IN: Latino band Releases song about Trump’s ass*ssination attempt, lyrics say he was protected by God.. The group, Grupo Norteño Gethsemani de Los Angeles is now giong viral on several platforms.

Trump shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks is seen dead on the roof in chilling new video confirming Secret Service was warned | Daily Mail Online

Democrats will show their hatred for Israel when they boycott Netanyahu speech - By NYPost Editorial Board

Top Dems threatened to forcibly remove Biden from office unless he dropped out | Reporter Replay (Video) | New York Post - Isabel Vincent

The Kamala gamble, a major GOP convention bounce and other commentary - NYPost Editorial Board

Trump says Obama ‘can’t stand’ Biden and helped push him out: ‘They all dumped him’ - NYPost

Biden FINALLY shows face in public, six days after dropping out of 2024 race as he walks toward Air Force One in Delaware | Daily Mail Online

Kamala Harris is not your wacky aunt, she’s more dangerous than Biden - NYPost - By Isaac Schorr

Secret Service head Kimberly Cheatle resigns after shocking failures led to Trump assassination attempt - NYPost

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With Biden gone, Democrats rally around the worst possible candidate - Washington Examiner - Byron York

Monday, July 22, 2024

John Solomon: When Kamala Harris led government offices, failure and scandal followed | Just The News

First Baptist Dallas files 200-page plan to preserve historic sanctuary gutted by fire Friday |

Vance hits Harris in Virginia in his second solo rally — 'A million times worse' than Biden - NYPost

Mark Carnevale, PGA Tour winner and broadcaster, dead at age 64 - Golfweek

Exclusive | Trump says two words describe Kamala Harris — and they're 'a bad combination' - NYPost

Exclusive | Biden cancels nine trips, extends Delaware stay after dropping out - NYPost

REVEALED: The cunning ploy devious Democrats used to sabotage Biden's campaign and their bombshell threat if he didn't drop out of race | Daily Mail Online

Rep. Nancy Mace on X: "WATCH us introduce a privileged motion to impeach Secret Service Director Kim Cheatle. The House has NEVER voted on an impeachment of an inferior civil officer ... but historic times call for historic measures.

Kamala Harris would lose at least two states Biden won in 2020 if election were held today: polls - NYPost

Dogs can smell human stress -- and it alters their own behavior: study - NYPost

Watch Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle squirm as she is brutally grilled in Congress over Trump shooting security failure | Daily Mail Online

REVEALED: The cunning ploy devious Democrats used to sabotage Biden's campaign and their bombshell threat if he didn't drop out of race | Daily Mail Online

Top Dems threatened to forcibly remove Biden from office unless he resigned, set him up to fail at Trump debate: Sources NYPost - By Isabel Vincent

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Watch Kamala Harris' most embarrassing and incoherent 'word salads' and public blunders that have seen her repeatedly ridiculed | Daily Mail Online

Leading political figures fear there may be a very sinister reason for Biden's disappearance since dropping out of 2024 race | Daily Mail Online

Biden mega-donors balk at contributing to Kamala, suggest she's too left to beat Trump - By Diana Glebova - NYPost

Harris trails Trump by 4.6 points in Georgia — underperforms with women, non-black minorities - NYPost - By Steven Nelson

Trump and JD Vance accuse Dems of leading ‘coup’ against Biden before calling to ‘invoke the 25th Amendment’ - NYPost

Secret Service director Kimberly Cheatle doubles down on bizarre reason why agents weren't stationed where gunman opened fire on Trump | Daily Mail Online

Softball Kamala Harris interview resurfaces after Biden withdraws: ‘If I listened to polls, I would have never run’ - NYPost - By Amy Sikma

Secret Service security failures are revealed in damning document, that describes how agents allowed an armed guard with three arrests to ride in an elevator with President Obama | Daily Mail Online

Megyn Kelly on Kamala Harris: ‘America is not going to elect this nimrod as its first female president’ - NYPost - By Ariel Zilber

CNN slammed after John King says Pa. Gov. Josh Shapiro's Jewish faith makes him a risky VP pick - NYPost

Benny Johnson on X: "🚨 Disgraced Secret Service Director DESTROYED LIVE Right NOW in Congress Over Trump Assassination

Biden delayed dropping out partly because he doubted Kamala Harris’ chances against Trump: report - NYPost - By Emily Crane