Sunday, May 01, 2016

Exclusive By TheMeck: Breaking News: Plea Deal Done - Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard Will NOT Go To Trial

Mike Hubbard - Gov Bentley - Bob Riley

Posted by TheMeck - May 1, 2016 - 12:13p

Just when you thought there would be another delay in the Mike Hubbard trial and you might be at a nursing home when it finally started - Here's an update.

The Meck has learned that a plea deal has been done with Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard and he will not go to trial re his indictment on 23 felony corruption charges. 
The word re the plea deal: Speaker Mike Hubbard will serve an 18 month sentence in exchange for his info/testimony against Alabama Governor Robert Bentley and former Governor Bob Riley.

This is a state plea deal. It will be announced when the legislative session ends. Hubbard will vacate his post when he pleads guilty. There are 2 days left in the session.

This is definitely not the time - the right climate in Montgomery to go to any corruption trial and try to defend yourself.

Speaker Mike Hubbard has obviously turned against Gov Bentley and Bob Riley and he's spilling the beans to save himself from a much longer sentence. It sounds like Mike Hubbard's plea deal was the best decision for him - and the millions who have been subpoenaed for the trial.

Alabama politics have gotten so corrupt. It's really a disgrace and embarrassment what's going on in this state (Montgomery) right now. 
Alabama is not only No. 1 in football - but the State is Sadly The 2016 Frontrunner For Corruption in State Government. (the most 1st round prison picks). 

If I hear another politician say they are a 'Conservative Christian' - 'Family Values' person - I just might puke straight up in the air.

Stop hiding behind the Cross to further your selfish personal/political agenda. There's no more room behind the Cross in Alabama. 

The people of Alabama need to start holding these politicians accountable. It's past time to stop looking the other way and start speaking out. 
Ask your Senator/Representative why they are so silent re the corruption in Montgomery. A lot of them act like they are in the witness protection program.

There's a much needed purge going on in Montgomery right now. Thankfully, The Feds are in town and Alabama politics is getting an Enema thats many years overdue. The cleansing has begun and hopefully will continue for years to come.

The darkest time of the night .. is just before dawn.

Will Update. Write On.


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